Talent, education, and competency may be important factors, but they are simply not enough in today’s competitive market.

If given the choice, most of us would rather work with someone we like over someone who is capable but don’t feel connected with.  The reason?  People who like each other feel connected and good things happen when people connect.

Soft skills are critical factors for fostering a successful team. Are people happy to have you on their team or would they prefer you took a permanent vacation?

Build yourself a reputation that embodies believability, likability, and trustworthiness.  When a decision maker is deciding on who should join their team, leave no question that you will not only be capable of the work but a pleasure to work with.

When we need help getting a job done, we most likely choose a congenial person over a more capable but less cordial one.

We almost always choose likability over ability.

By Susan Ravens | People Science Sr Talent Advisor