New Business Segments

An Established Telecommunications Company Adding a New Segment of Business Must Triple the Size of National Outside Sales Force

Challenge: A well established telecommunications company is adding a new product line to their suite of in home services. Until recently there has been little or no competition for market share in most regions. Now, competition is becoming fierce as multiple suppliers are entering markets around the country. Simultaneously, most locations will be tripling their call center size and adding new technical engineering centers. Human resources departments are taxed with the mandate for increased headcount, which must be completed quickly in order to meet the company’s new objectives and secure market share. Outside sales agents are projected to produce a significant amount of new business representing a large portion of overall new market revenue. The company will need to triple its current sales agent’s numbers within a one year period to secure the projects intentions. Most markets have historically hired one new outside sales representative per month. A new sales position is created to serve the needs of the new product. How can the company quickly source these new candidates in order to meet the projected goals and quotas? Diagnosis: The Company must have a dedicated and organized team focused specifically on the new position. A nationwide recruitment effort must be created but it must be easily adaptable to the critical nuances of its individual markets. Since sales sourcing requires a large pool of first contacts, processing of candidates will be just as important as recruiting efforts. Real-time reporting and measuring will be critical as the need to stay on the edge of the recruiting will dictate focus and re-focus of energies and recruiting dollars. Action Plan and Processing:
  • Create a screening process utilizing company’s pre-defined applicant qualifiers.
  • Keep the process simple and quick since sales candidates typically are more likely to have multiple offers available.
  • Create a recruiting campaign and customize it as needed for individual markets.
  • Since the People Science team will work from one central location, site visit regularly to assure a full understanding of each area specific characteristics.
  • Gain trust of hiring officials and human resources in 26 markets.
  • Assure screening process is compliant in all states.
  • Track performance and conduct weekly phone meetings for each individual market.