Partnership Case Study

Flexibility is crucial to the ever changing world of Recruitment

“Can you staff up and can you staff down?” are two of the most popular questions we are asked as an RPO provider.  Our answer is simple, when you view yourself as an extension of your clients recruiting department, how could you consider otherwise?

 First and foremost many of our partnerships are based around our flexible pricing model that includes both Management fees and placement fees.  This type of structure allows us to accommodate hiring fluctuations by increasing or decreasing our assigned team therefore increasing or decreasing our management fees.  Placement fees are only incurred as placements are made so our costs increase and decrease with demand as volume up and down is naturally adjusted.

Following are additional examples of how People Science has flexed our model and our work to accommodate our client’s needs:

 Can you go live in 2 weeks with 2 new markets and fill 80 new openings in 2 months?

People Science keeps overflow Recruiters on call for just this type of event, so when our Call Center customer asked us to assume a new geography, we not only had overflow staff ready, but our current staff worked weekends and evenings until quotas were met and a new balance was assumed.

 We prefer to use traditional “Executive Recruiters”.  Can you find them, qualify them and manage them?

A longtime medical device client of ours had a division that truly wanted to use traditional Executive Search to recruit for specific regulatory positions.  As we are their entire Talent Acquisition team, they turned to us with an honest request which technically took us outside of our agreed contract.  However, the client- the business partner- was convinced this was their best avenue for sourcing the best hires.  We located over 60 Recruiters nationally, qualified the list down to 6 and managed the process for the client.  Today we perform all the recruiting for this same group and their usage of Executive Recruiters is limited to high level Executives only.  However, our flexible model of Management fees, our flexible head-set that anything is feasible, and our determination to satisfy our client prevailed and set the foreground of what has evolved to our current trusted partnership.

We aren’t making any hires because our Hiring Managers will not schedule interviews.

A busy and growing technical client company has a Management staff comprised of over achievers and highly talented technical individuals.  They seldom agree to interviews while insisting that they are too busy to meet with potential hires – because they are understaffed.  Additionally, a former RPO partner

had a history of supplying candidates that were not a solid match; therefore, Hiring Managers did not have faith that interviewing was a good investment of their time.  Many truly believed the best hires could not or would not be found.

The People Science team first made sure they were finding the best candidates by aligning with one technical lead, who reviewed resumes and made recommendations that we used to adjust who we sourced and who we presented to the Hiring Managers in advance of their review.  Once we were assured our candidates were worth review, we aggressively pursued the Hiring Managers in several different ways:

  • Performed a daily follow up contact pointed at gaining insight about each pending candidates
  • Created a weekly calendar that proposed specific days and times to hold candidate reviews
  • Created first round phone interview times and dates for Hiring Managers
  • Assigned one Process Engineer to monitor the candidate flow, determine which process worked best for which Hiring Manger, and track all findings

Lastly, we prepared the Cost of Vacancy per day for each open position.  We then presented this information via Management meetings we attended, supplied it to Managers to provide to their down-lines, and supplied to internal HR for their reference when the topic arose.  Understanding the cost of vacancy was a very effective catalyst in encouraging Hiring Managers to actively participate, on a regular basis, in teaming with us to fill their open positions.

People Science is fully customizable, client centric recruitment process in-source and outsource partner.