Step 1 Identify “Sore Spots”

//Step 1 Identify “Sore Spots”
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STEP 1: Identifying your organization’s recruiting challenges – “Sore Spots”

Whether your interest is in End to End, Augmentation or Project RPO, all recruiting organizations have specific positions which are more challenging than others. The reasons can be varied but the implications are always frustrating. To make the most of learning how People Science works, we invite you to choose at least one of your most difficult recruiting challenges and move forward in this review with this challenge(s) in mind.

The identification of “Sore Spots” is a good first step in improving the overall success of making hires. In addition, “Sore Spots” are often the best funnels to consider when starting an RPO partnership with People Science .

Recruiting Funnel

Recruiting Funnel