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Time to give thanks………

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I decided to take a step back and think about what I am thankful about at work.  Throughout the year we can get so laser focused on deadlines and the rush of impending projects that we often don’t take the time necessary to do so, so let’s get started…… [...]

Is it Me, the Market, or My Recruiters?

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

Sound Familiar? What Recruiting Leader has not asked themselves that question? Recruiting is a challenge, and one that has a history of being driven by requests and demands; much more so than well planned and executed strategies. A key reason for this is that we simply do not have the much needed Recruiter metrics to make [...]

Partnering with Your Candidates

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

Recruiters see the best results when they truly partner with their candidates. There are several ways a recruiter can foster this partnership: Make yourself available for the candidate’s questions or concerns throughout the entire process Provide the candidate with a complete picture of the position, company, and hiring process Communicate to the hiring team [...]

Keeping your data safe – the pitfalls of company security

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

One of the biggest issues these days in the corporate world is ensuring that the data you’ve created and collected over the years stays that way. With all of the ransomware issues and dark web repositories of collected data from companies that didn’t know they were being exposed or “hacked’ these days. Trying to keep [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling and Organizing Your Day in the Recruiting World

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

In recruiting, there are very few days that go according to plan. We often have to juggle our schedules to make sure that we are finding the time to work on finding or closing candidates, as well as managing the relationships between our client and the hiring manager(s). In addition, there are certain events that [...]

Recruiting through the Holiday Season

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

Now that the clocks have fallen back and the holiday season is officially upon us, we notice that hiring starts to slow down and in some cases comes to a halt.  Managers are using their PTO time that they have been saving all year.  Companies are looking at their end of year budgets and evaluating [...]

Are you a new recruiter? Start here!

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

As a new recruiter, calling, leaving voicemails and emailing candidates are some of the things you have to do daily. To get the results expected of you, it helps to focus on each of these tasks and learn how to get comfortable with them.  Pick up the phone! Those first few phone calls can be [...]

How to: Communicate

December 12th, 2017|Blog|

Lately, we seem to have so many methods for communicating with each other that we seem to have forgotten how to communicate.  Who should you reach out to, how should you communicate with them, when is the best time to reach out?  We end up overthinking and somehow we forget how to speak with people.  [...]

Implementing a new RPO customer (from the RPO client service manager perspective)

October 16th, 2017|Blog|

In RPO the launch of a new customer is always different, no matter how much planning and organizing we do, things are still changing on a minute to minute basis in the first few months of a new customer launch. Here are some issues I have had to deal with during a new launch and [...]

The Dangers of a Slow Hiring Process

October 13th, 2017|Blog|

Overcomplicating your hiring process in pursuit of the perfect candidate is counterproductive, and a real challenge in recruitment.  As a recruiter, I wanted to shine a light on this by revealing the reasons why a slow hiring progression can be damaging for a business. Both your reputation and employer brand are at stake when you [...]