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People Science FAQ

Retaining employees isn't an ego metric based on how happy employees are, rather it's an indicator of the process which led to the hire. From talent searching, to vetting, hiring and training. If a candidate is not a good fit for your company, not only will team morale suffer, but it's inefficient. In a world of finite time and resources, companies need to rely on processes to lower the cost of acquisition and retention of high performing employees. A shotgun approach resume style hiring leads to sifting through multiple possibilities, and essentially hoping to land the best candidate for the position. With any business, systemization, experience, and scale are keys to growth and advantage in the free market. Hiring is no different. Technology companies for example need to focus on software, infrastructure, scale, and growth. With a dedicated RPO team, the entire responsibility is entrusted with a provider whose sole task is to eliminate waste, increase efficiencies, so businesses can focus on their true value position - providing goods and services, not developing an in-house employment staffing agency.
Customers hold a mirror up to a businesses core competencies. If customers are happy, then it can be inferred the business has a positive value proposition based on its systems, products and services. While many positions in the work force can be overcome through sheer systemization, humans remain to be an incredible resource to companies who demand the best labor force, specifically in skilled arenas. When the wrong candidate slips through the cracks due to inadequate checks and balances from an internal hiring audit, not only does it hurt your bottom line, employee life cycle, but your reputation. It's a perpetual loop of losing revenue, trust in the marketplace, and missing out on opportunities due to bogged down with the wrong bottlenecks.
As an owner or someone in charge of your Human Resource department, you can remember the time you made your first hire. The vetting process was most likely extremely thorough, followed by intimate conversations, credentials, background checks, and a microscope for details until the candidate proved him or herself worthy enough as a full-time employee. Unfortunately this level of care in hiring is often lost in companies as they begin to grow. This stiffles growth, or results in weakened hiring processes, resulting in wishful thinking and trial and error style employee recruitment. With Recruitment Process Outsourcing, whether you need 1 critical role filled, or 1000, each candidate is audited as strictly as the first. In fact, instead of losing efficiencies when hiring more candidates, the process becomes stronger over time and with volume, as data and real world analytics combine to give deep meaningful insights into lowering overall costs, retaining top level employees, and focusing new revenue, not internal operations.
Departments are only as strong as the resources allocated to them. While many HR managers are rock stars, they are not magicians. Being forced to make hiring decisions based on limited candidate pools, vetting processes, or follow up measuring results in guessing, hoping, and hiring great candidates or poor ones without understanding key metrics for your organization. As your RPO campaign progresses with more data, we are able to leverage hindsight to mitigate blindspots.
Communication, accountability and fast growth are interconnected. When hiring is seen as a necessary evil, rather than the backbone to any successful company expansion, there can be confusion from top level management, human resources, and employees. People Science understands what gets tracked gets attention, which gets results. Clearing articulating value proposition and decision making is at the heart of outsourcing staffing employment needs; there are either excuses for high turn over or ineffective employees, or there are results. People Science avoids bottlenecks and black boxes by remaining transparent in the process, while still allowing the company to completely remain hands off (if they choose) from the hiring cycle, allowing for greater accountability, clear communication and faster growth through efficienct processes.
Gaps in human resources happens; candidates move, die, become ill, or a new opportunity. Reality is no one is replaceable, yet this does not mean positions and employees are not critically important; on the contrary, an unfilled role in the company can cause added strains on management and tricles down to even entry level employees. When the employee gap is filled quicker (with the right candidate) it allows your organization to run as a well-oiled machine, rather than a hap-hazard knee jerk bandaid reaction to hiring positions because they are "open".
We've all seen children become instant "best friends". It's adorable and shows innocence. However, as adults we know it takes time, consistency and trust to not only become friends, but more importantly in the context of work, rely on one another and form chemistry. Professional sports teams rely on chemistry and organizations are no different. If your organization is suffering from high turn over, it could be a problem in your research. Candidates may or may not be qualified or pre-vetted for their position. Critical roles in your organization could suffer from the Peter Principle, whereas your best employees are disenfranchised from the incorrect hiring of a top manager. With endless variables, the only solution is to live and breathe human resources. First step is to identify the exact requirements a candidate must fulfill, then filter top talent, followed by detailed examination after the hire, through empiricial and imperical evidence. The end result is less turn over, happier employees, and a true team working towards a common goal of winning in the free marketplace with your goods and services.
Closely related to turn over and morale, employee efficiency directly impacts your companies bottom line. We all know a person in our lives who we can depend on to get something done. Imagine if your entire business organization felt this way? That's what RPO is all about. Heavily vetting candidates based on data, human interactions, and close tracking / observation. People Science can assist your business in its employment staffing needs, whether overall structure help and process, to completely handling all aspects, start to finish in the employee life cycle. Just as any business relies on efficiences to scale, happy, efficient, qualified employees leads to less hassle for your team, more revenue, and a more enjoyable experience for all involved.