UPS mobile careers websiteWith your cell phone, without the need to speak a word, you can donate to disaster relief in Japan, get directions to the nearest pizza place, get the answer to any trivia question and now you can receive job openings and apply with your phone.

An increasing number of recruitment initiatives are using mobile-friendly technology. Potential candidates can subscribe to receive SMS alerts to receive updates on job opportunities and other related information.

UPS attributes 600 hires (out of 7,919 people creating applications) from their mobile-friendly careers page from a mobile device. They attribute 84 hires from text-messaging (out of 1,004 who created applications). That mobile-friendly site had about 510,000 page views in the last 4-5 months of 2010, with people averaging about a minute and a half each on the site. *

AT&T developed a new strategy to create mobile web pages and SMS (text messaging) campaigns to support recruitment events. It also developed a first of its kind iPhone application that links job seekers to career opportunities, events, multimedia, and mobile opt-in programs for alerts related to job categories of choice. This iPhone application has been downloaded 29,000+ times and has consistently ranked in the Top 40 most popular free business applications on iTunes. (ERE)*

With a reach of 3.6 billion users, ignoring the development of a mobile recruitment strategy could be costing you more than a few applicants.

Are you using text messaging in your recruitment efforts?

Do you have a mobile career site?

Do you plan to use these technologies in the future?

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