At People Science, we are always looking for new ways to enhance our work environment and offer employees creative benefits. So it is hard to believe that working remotely was not a benefit that we offered years ago. Our thought process was that we do have contractors that work remotely but because we attribute much of our success and company culture to the true team environment, we never seriously entertained “the work from home” benefits—until 5 weeks ago.

As gas prices increased significantly and many of our staff travel 30 plus miles to work, our VP of Placement Services decided it was time.

Keep in mind that we have an effective self monitoring management system that allows staff to track their own performance and this benefit is only available to fully trained established team members.

Here’s what our Team has to say about working from home…

“It’s easier to get into a zone and stay there with no one else around you”
“I seem to start earlier, end later and take a shorter lunch break on my telecommuting day as well!”
“I feel that working at home helps slow things down for me. I find it much easier to focus on my day from home. I am not pulled in so many directions and I can order my day more efficiently from the start.”
“I like the quiet environment and it seems generally less stressful.”

About their home office…

“My home office is currently my “man cave” as my family calls it or my “fortress of solitude” away from any distractions that may occur throughout the course of an ordinary day. “
“I’m set up where it’s nice and quiet with plenty of light. I have my desk set up in the center of the floor. A nice open space makes my day feel full of possibility.”

Many prefer to forgo their telecommuting when in a crunch period. A few prefer the mix of working both in home and the office:

“Can’t do it on critical meeting days, and also I don’t like to not be there to support the staff.”
“I miss the energy my coworkers provide, but I get that 4 days a week, so no worries.”
“Not having somebody right next to you to talk with, ask a question or even joke around with.”
“My dogs are sometimes not the best office mates – sometimes they have to get stuck outside”

There are many unexpected benefits…

“I’ll go kayaking or hiking before work”
“I think it was a great idea that really boosted the team morale.”
“I like relaxing in lounge clothes, eating a fresh lunch, not having to commute”
“I love working from home because it saves gas money and I don’t have to wake up as early. “
“With a long commute it’s like getting a raise because I don’t have to pay gas or tolls that day.”

For the time being, team meetings, client meetings and training are still done in person. In the future, webinars, video conferencing and other technology will encourage more remote telecommuting.

Read about how telecommuting along with other “out of the box” ideas can reduce turnover at your company. At People Science, our Recruitment Process partnerships always result in reduced new hire turnover. Contact us.